Mortgage LTV Ratio & Margin of Finance for Home Loans


In Malaysia, it is normal to expect 90% LTV ratio for a residential mortgage loan (more commonly known as a housing loan). But Bank Negara closely regulates the LTV ratios for residential mortgage loans to prevent uncontrolled speculation. If a person has 2 or more existing residential mortgage loans, LTV is capped at 70% for … Read more

When Does GST Applies To Individuals Who Own Properties?


IT has always been clear that it is the responsibility of those in business to register for GST and collect the tax, however, recent guidance released by the authorities could bring private individuals, who would not consider that they are in business, into the mix. Under GST, the sale of commercial buildings and land zoned … Read more

6 Real Reasons You Can’t Save For A Home Deposit


A generation locked out of the housing market, a property bubble so inflated it is about to burst. Cue the doomsday music and fretting over escalating home values. Don’t get me wrong, saving for a deposit is an difficult exercise, and it is true that Australian property values have increased significantly over the past 15 … Read more

The Importance Of Getting A Pre-Approval on Mortgage Loan


Let’s us briefly explain to you what is pre-approval on mortgage loan? A mortgage pre-approval is one of the important process when applying a mortgage loan. The homebuyers will need to acquire a pre-approval letter by consulting with a bank (lender). Through the pre-approval letter, you’ll get to know the maximum amount that you can borrow for you … Read more

A Common Misconception On The Cash Out From A Refinancing Loan


The advantages of refinancing loan are many such as obtain lower interest rate compare to existing one, shorten the loan tenure, debt consolidation, switching to a better mortgage product,  purchase another new property, get the additional cash out to renovate or improve your property, wedding funds, children education funds in the future and etc. Yes,I didn’t lie to you, … Read more

What Is Top-Up Loan? What It’s The Pros and Cons?


In previous article, we have talk about what is refinance, how its work as well as its process. Let us summary all about this. Refinancing is the act of taking on a new mortgage loan with different terms. The reasons for homeowners and property investors to consider to refinancing their loan are to lower the interest rate, shorten the … Read more

Having A Very Low Credit Score? No Fret, Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Out!


No matter you are applying the loan to buy car, buy house or applying a personal loan, you shall not ignore your personal credit score and even underestimate its power as if you having a very low/ bad credit score, your loan application will be rejected for sure or you can’t get the financing that you expected. … Read more

How A Joint Loan Can Affect Your Financial In Future


Nowadays, many people are looking the ways to create wealth through investment and one of the most popular investments is investing in property market as they can earn massive profits from property appreciation over time. If you plan to get involved in property investment field along with your spouse in order to create your retirement funds, travel funds or for your children … Read more