6 Things Effective Leaders Always Say

6-Things-Effective -Leaders-Always-Say

Too often we forget our most basic goal in business—to create relationships with clients, customers, prospects, colleagues, shareholders and, at the center of it all, employees. Everyone at every level needs appreciation and meaningful feedback about their work. If you think that’s an obvious and practiced element of leadership, think again. Nowadays, leaders are prevented from … Read more

The 5 Traits of Great Future Leaders


Finding leaders isn’t about finding those with the loudest or even the most reasonable voice, or even finding the one with most impressive skills. How often have you seen someone with great skills be promoted to a leadership position, only to see him become a harried, crazed person making outrageous decisions that demoralize the team? … Read more

7 Reorganizational Strategies for Work and Life


Do you know someone juggling a million different projects, yet looks fit, healthy, happy and is somehow reliably there to tuck their kids into bed? They have day jobs, yet they’re always looking to the next thing. They go on vacations, or run successful businesses on the side, or have heavily demanding jobs that they love. The … Read more

7 Behaviors of Millionaire Entrepreneurs


Becoming a millionaire isn’t an accident. It takes business owners decades to accomplish this rare feat. Many people look at these successful individuals and assume they must be lucky or born into wealth. But in reality, this is usually far from the truth. Becoming a millionaire takes work, focus and productive habits. Emulating the behaviors of millionaire entrepreneurs … Read more

9 Things Good Leaders Never Say


Think before you speak. We all know that. But, be real, do you actually do it? There are some things you should never be caught saying—especially if you call yourself a leader. Because you have the power to influence people, you’ve got to choose the right words. If you don’t, you risk being a bad boss. … Read more

Listen To Your Customers: Why Crowdfunding Of Brands Is The Future


‘The customer is always right’ is the mantra of many a brand. But it has taken us decades, if not centuries, to really incorporate customer feedback into brands; to make the customer’s voice the loudest in our brand evolution. With customer feedback sychronising with customer purchase through cookie capture and machine-to-machine technology, crowdsourcing of brands … Read more

Marketers Missing A Trick With Instagram Advertising, Research Reveals


New research suggests that nearly 41% of Instagram users have used the social media tool to drop hints to friends and family about what they want for Christmas. More than half (57%) of the 1,000 respondents surveyed in a report commissioned by digital marketing agency Greenlight have used it to gain inspiration when gift buying … Read more

4 Ways to Be a More Collaborative Leader


There are two types of leadership—“me” and “we.” Where do you fall? Do you like your office door closed, no distractions allowed? Or do you prefer your door open, interruptions welcome? Beware that by tucking yourself away in the corner office, you are isolating yourself… and successful leadership requires collaboration, the opposite of isolation. So … Read more

10 Things Successful People Never Do Again | SUCCESS

10-Things-Successful-People-Never-Do -Again

“Never go back.” What does that mean? From observations of successful people, clinical psychologist and author of Never Go Back: 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again (Howard Books, June 2014), Dr. Henry Cloud has discovered certain “awakenings” that people have—in life and in business—that once they have them, they never go back to the old … Read more

How Social Media Has Become Increasingly Integral To Content Marketing Strategy


The use of social media within content marketing strategies is set for a rapid increase according to new research from the Content Marketing Association (CMA) which says that 80% of companies plan to increase its use with nearly half  (47%) looking to increase use by up to 50%. This is set to lead to increased … Read more