Here’s How You Can Work Hard, Play Hard and Get Amazing Results!

Ever noticed the how Googlers, Apple’s Geniuses and other big companies have got the ‘work hard, play hard’ thing all figured out while you scream inwardly: “Where on earth do they find the time?!”

They are nailing their targets, they come to work and leave with a smile. They even got time be doing pilates after work, then eating healthy dinner before pre-bedtime mindfulness.

If you seem to be working with steam coming out your ears, and yet finding no time to play, take comfort in the knowledge that there is a cheat – and that is to simply scrutinise your working day and make adjustments.

So, Here’s How You Can Free Up to 10 Hours of Your Time!

And fill it with spa days, dinner dates, bedtime stories or a 15-day holiday with no interruptions.

1. Use the OKR  Goal Setting Method

The former President of America, Barack Obama had his own strategy for boosting productivity, and it involved being ruthless with his to-do list.

That’s what OKR is all about. It’s a simple method where you list all your tasks and pick your priority.

Priority is the uttermost important task that needs to be done and requires more attention than the rest whcih then becomes your main objective.

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Then plot your strategy to how you actually get your task done using key metrics such as numbers, values and such.

Using quantitative metrics to measure your results motivates you to achieve your objective and you will not deviate from your main priority.

It’s hardly rocket science but plotting your to-do list using measurable metrics immediately eliminates the unnecessary, and makes the necessary more manageable.

2. Outsource

The key to play time, is to find the time.

Think about your daily tasks. You need to be chasing invoices, managing annual leave, writing blogs for your website, and putting together HR documents for new starters.

How to manage it all? Look at every task and ask yourself, should I really be doing this?

If so, then set a time frame for yourself and try to work your way to get the work done within the time frame that you have set for yourself.

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It make more sense to invest in apps that can automate these tasks, or to hire someone – like a virtual assistant so you can focus on lead generation, sales and expansion?

OKR is the helpline here that helps you to arrange your priority orderly so that you can focus on one main objective at a time.

It the best goal setting method that has given workers all sorts of ingenious and efficient ways to outsource jobs at work and home.

3. Remove barriers

To perform at your optimum level, make sure nothing is stopping you.

Your working environment, the technology you use to do your job, and people you trust enough to delegate to, or just get on with the job are paramount.

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So, stay away from pointless meetings, work where you function best, and remove all distractions.

4. Get busy

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to motivate yourself in the first few months of business ownership?

Because you’re not busy enough to be productive, and self-made deadlines don’t carry the same urgency as customer or client deadlines.

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There’s a good reason ‘they’ say: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

This is because being busy breeds hard work. Set goals and make it your mission to get busy.

For example, get in touch with old contacts and propose a coffee, learn the art of content marketing or online lead generation and add it to your tried and tested sales methods.

So, what strategies do you have to upscale yourself and remove barriers that are standing in your way to achieve your goal?

We’ve touched on OKR, the ultimate goal setting method for more productivity and efficiency. It set a clear distinction between what you think is important and what is actually important. It allows you to be more focus and goal driven using key metrics to measure your result.s

I’d love to hear from you about what is your take on OKR? Have you started you using the secret sauce of Google to grow yourself? Or do how more question on OKR? Any tips you’d like to share? Any tactics you’re itching to try out?

Feel free to get back to us at any time. You can also leave your thoughts and question at the comment section below.

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