Turn Your Passion Into A PROFITABLE CAREER. – Chat With Jason Lee, Malaysian Football Juggler.

Meet Jason Lee, a highly skillful football juggler and a pharmacy student in University Science Malaysia (USM) who is preaching out youngsters to focus on embracing their passion as a career path.

At just 23, Jason has over 50 awards under his name. Notably a recognition from Malaysia’s Ministry of Sports in 2016.

Yes, getting good grades matters but if you have an extra skill and really passionate about it that should be your career.

So, here are some tips from Jason Lee on how your extra skill helps you achieve your dream milestone in life.

1) Provides Multiple Streams of Income

Though my passion is football, I did not want to just narrow my focus on the field which is why I pursued and still am pursuing pharmacy, Jason said.

Having a goal and being passionate about is good, but you always need a backup plan for security and certainty.

For me, it was always football juggling and pharmacy is the backup plan. I want to focus on these two disparate passions as it will be a good source of income in the future, he added.

He can and is getting sufficient income from performing, advertising and collaborations of football juggling and soon can also have fixed durable income as a pharmacist.

This way you do not just have a dream saving but also living the dream life.

2) Enjoy More Financial Balance

Jason said, when a person is multi-talented, it undoubtedly makes them more versatile and expose them to new environments.

You will be able to choose which job or pay is more sufficient or has the most benefits instead of being chosen by companies.

The unrest demand to have a skilled and adaptable employee will always give you a wider range.

One will have an option and that will not let them depend on one particular scope of the field and this will also reduce the increment of jobless students, he said.

3) Leads to a Good Well Being

Having a passion is the gateway to a good mental health.

Passion is the initial power that keeps us moving forward and it keeps us replete with happiness, excitement, and anticipation.

As for Jason is was no less than it. He said he would come home after a tiring or stressful day from studies and flush it through his football juggling.

His is ready to face anything at all only because he hadn’t stop doing what he passionate about and both his passions comfort one another.

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