Don’t Use These 7 Words In Your Resumé.

One recent study showed that recruiters spend only 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s résumé before deciding whether he or she is fit for a job.

That’s hardly any time to impress someone who could determine your employment future.

The words you choose to use in your resumé must pique the employer’s curiosity to read more.

Hiring managers prefer strong action words that define specific experience, skills and accomplishments.

Subjective terms and clichés are seen as negative because they don’t convey real information.

For instance, don’t say you are ‘results-driven’; show the employer your actual results.

These 7 words are the worst terms to use in your résumé as selected by hiring managers:

  1. Go-getter
  2. Think outside of the box
  3. Team player
  4. Result Driven
  5. Self motivated
  6. Hard worker
  7. Dynamic

Instead, employers would like to see strong verbs like these 7 words:

  1. Achieved
  2. Improved
  3. Created
  4. Trained/ Motivated
  5. Volunteered
  6. Ideas
  7. Increase/ Decrease

The study also shows that recruiters spend 80% of that 6 seconds looking at just 6 things which are:

  1. Name
  2. Current title/company
  3. Previous title/company
  4. Previous position, start and end dates
  5. Current position, start and end dates
  6. Education

The  Key Takeaways

Remember, self-praise is no praise. Always describe the results you’ve achieved to show your accomplishments.

Don’t include sweeping terms of self-praise, like “team player,” “go-getter” and “self-motivated.”

Rather describe your accomplishments specifically with words like “improved,” “created” and “increased”.

Give a proper explanation of exactly what you did and including numbers whenever possible.

For instance, instead of saying you added value to your sales team by your results-driven efforts to boost sales, say you improved every monthly sales target in the last 6 months by 40%. d

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